Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Solo Journey

I am sending out vibrational signals that I am on a solo journey.  I have been at the beach in NC for 4 days now and I have had only minimal conversations.  The signal:  I am not open to interactions.  My desire to interact is almost non-existent so I can understand this signal.  I am tired.  I sit on the beach and I read.  A woman comes over to ask my permission if she can take a photo for her brochure for her B&B.  I give her permission.  Other than this, I have not talked to a soul while on the beach.


Wright Brothers Memorial
I take a drive around the Outer Banks, with my camera. I am connecting with my desire to learn about photography. It makes my heart sing when I imagine traveling the world with a camera, taking time to see the world through a different lens, and capturing it. As I begin to do this, I stop more often and I see differently.

What I loved about growing up and living in New England was going to the beach and seeing lighthouses.  I have always had this dream of living in one - how unique of an experience would that be!  So, as I drove around the Outer Banks I was pleased to see lighthouses.  In this photo, the birds trigger a memory of a framed picture that was given to me in college by a good friend.  It was a photo of an eagle with the caption, "Someday I will try my wings."  I realize how long this dream of traveling and being a free spirit has been with me.  
I was tempted to stay in NC for more time - it is absolutely beautiful here.  But my thought process is to keep moving, to stay on the road so that I can develop that sense of flow and freedom.   I am seeking something that is hard to explain, but I know that moving and experiencing as much as I can is the way to find it.  Maybe it is the result of staying put for too long in Boston, or maybe I am just connecting or trying to connect with my authentic self,  that of a nomadic spirit.  
I pack up and get on the road again.  I am heading towards South Carolina, another new place for me.  What keeps me going when I start to doubt what I am doing is to remind myself that moving and experiencing new places will open up something for me that wasn't happening in Boston.  One never knows who you'll meet or what will happen or the opportunities that will be offered to you while you travel.  I try to stay open...

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