Monday, May 14, 2012

My journey continues...

It was difficult to leave Mystical Moab in Utah.  Yet, I was heading towards two new friends whom I met on the Big Island of Hawaii - fellow travelers.  They were living in Salt Lake City, well known as the city of Mormons, yet it has much more to offer.  My friend, was once involved in the Morman life. due to her family, but no longer participated, nor agreed with it, starting when she became old enough to decide for herself.

As I headed towards Salt Lake, my car broke down.  Bummer.  Some small town between Moab and Salt Lake is where I stayed to get it fixed.  It was a big enough town that the delay was only one night, and the hotel was not too expensive.

Driving towards Salt Lake was breathtaking as I approached the City amongst the mountains.  The traffic was horrific, delaying my arrival.  Our reunion was met with excitement and joy.  We explored the city, their favorite hangouts and the mountains by car and foot.  It was an amazing few days.

Regrettably, I put myself on a time table, wanting to be back to the East coast to help out my sister and her kids.  I say regrettably, because once again, I put someone else before me, and missed out on the experience as I rushed my visit in Salt Lake and the rest of the States that would take me back to the East coast.  I wish I had declined the request for assistance and been true to my own journey.  A lesson learned and revisited many times in my life.  Over the years, I have improved on putting my own desires and preferences before me, even though the feedback and judgment can be full of disappointment and disapproval from others, and that I am being selfish (to live my own life).

In retrospect, I should have seen my car issues that came with this part of the trip as an opportunity to put myself first.  As I attempted to leave Salt Lake, I had car problems.  A pleasant delay, since I had another night with my good friends.  I left, and headed toward Wyoming, then would head East.  I was happily driving to some upbeat music when my car just the middle of nowhere.  I looked across the street and there was a camper parked, so if I needed assistance someone was worries, my philosophy that I would receive help when I needed it was true, even on the remote highway of Wyoming.  I was able to call AAA to let them know where I was...although being specific was a challenge since in the middle of nowhere is in the middle of nowhere.  I happened to know the exit number I had last passed, gratefully.

I met Mike, a generous and thoughtful mechanic who drove me around to look for a deal on the hotel room.  We went to three hotels before I found one that gave me a deal for the three nights needed to get the car fixed.  Acquiring the car part required a three day delay since the trains wouldn't be coming into town with the parts until then.  Almost in tears to hear this...I was getting frustrated with my car experiences.  Being from Boston, with things easily accessible, meant that I was a bit spoiled. I had to adjust my thinking otherwise I would make this into more of a negative experience than it actually was.

I remember ordering Chinese food near the first hotel that I was at before I got to the mechanics, since it was too late when I had initially arrived.  Suggestion:  Don't get Chinese food in Wyoming.  I remember how awful it was, and that the Lo Mein was basically spaghetti...not quite authentic Chinese food that I was accustom to in Boston.

Mike became committed to my car issues and my financial concerns, and took time on his days off to get the parts, fix the car and I was out of there before the 3 days. I was so grateful, and it touched my heart that he was so committed and kind - which I viewed as such a gift, and still do after all this time.

With lightness in my heart from my experience with Mike the mechanic, I headed East....

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